Mother’s Day Printable – Believe in God and Yourself

Mother’s Day Printable – Believe in God and Yourself

Believe in God and Yourself 

I was recently looking for a quote about mothers when I came across this quote from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland from the October 2015 General Conference. 
“To all mothers in every circumstance, including those who struggle—and all will—I say, “Be peaceful. Believe in God and yourself. You are doing better than you think you are.”
believe in god and yourselfJeffrey R, Holland quote

You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are

This quote – these words of encouragement – was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.
And I knew right away I wanted to make a printable of this.
Not only for me – but for you.
And for all the women in your life.
So – share away!
Because life can be hard sometimes.
And no matter what stage of life we’re in – mothers or not – our challenges can get us down. So these words of encouragement are for YOU.
Because God knows you.

He wants you to trust in Him

Believe in Him.

And believe in yourself.

He wants you to know you are doing good…

… even better than you think you are.

mothers day gift cards, mini mothers day cards,
I made these printables in three different sizes – 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10. They’re the perfect Mother’s Day gift for any woman in your life.
So go download your favorite size and share them with your mom. Your daughters, Your sisters. And the sisters you minister to. 
And then – go on believing in yourself! 
jeffrey r holland quot believe in god and in yourself you are doing better than you think you are
Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough Printable

Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough Printable

Fall is my favorite time of the year! I love the cooler weather. I love it when then the leaves change, creating beautiful warm colors all around.

But one of the reasons I especially love fall is that (at least for me) it seems to be a time of reflecting on the blessings I have in my life. For most of us, our thoughts tend to turn to gratitude. We focus more on family and friends and spending more time with those we love.

gratitude turns what we have into enough printable cards

It’s my favorite time of year, and so I wanted to share a gratitude printable with you! This is one of my favorite gratitude quotes. I love it all year long, not only at Thanksgiving time. Because truly, it applies to each and every day – year round- not only for a few weeks in November. 

Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough.

Gratitude changes our focus from what we lack in life to what we have in life. We then learn to love and appreciate what we have.  And when we do that, what we have does become enough.

gratitude turns what we have into enough printable

The neutral colors on this gratitude printable mean that you can use this all year long. Which is awesome because this is a message that we need every day – not just at Thanksgiving! These can be printed out on an 8×10, 11×14 or 16×20 to display around your home. I’ve also included a smaller card so you can print out the smaller sized to use in other ways.

Here are some fun ways you can use these gratitude printables:

  • Print a larger one to display around your home. 16×20 is a great size for a mantle
  • Print out and frame a smaller size to use as a Thanksgiving table centerpiece.
  • Use the smaller cards and place one at each place-setting
  • Tie one onto a loaf of pumpkin bread and take to the sisters you minister to! (muffins, cookies – any kind of sweet treat will be appreciated!)

Download PDF (8×10)

Download jpg file (can be printed 8×10, 11×14, or 16×20)

Download Mini Cards

Whatever way you decide to use this fun printable, it will be a great reminder to be grateful for what you have.

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thankful grateful blessed mini note card printable
Kindness Begins With Me Free Printable

Kindness Begins With Me Free Printable

With all that is going on in the world right now, my mind has repeatedly been drawn back to the words from a favorite Primary song. Short and yet simple …

I want to be kind to ev’ryone,
For that is right, you see.
So I say to myself, “Remember this:
Kindness begins with me.”

Children’s Songbook, 145b

​Kindness truly begins with each of us. In our hearts and in our actions.

Often, we don’t know what those around us might be going through. Giving a little bit of kindness can spread a long way. May we be kind to those we see who are hurting. And to those who may not visibly be so.

May we be more kind.

May we be more loving.

May we be more understanding.

May we be more like the Savior.

Here’s a free printable so you can have a daily reminder that kindness begins with YOU. Print out the signs (they’ll fit in an 8×10 frame) or the mini cards – or both! 

kindness begins with me printable

Here are some ways you can use this free farmhouse printable:

  • print to put in a child’s room or in a main area of your home.
  • frame it, or use it like a poster
  • share it on social media
  • send to a friend, those who you minister to, or to the primary children or youth that you work with
  • use the mini cards with a treat or do a little random act of kindness and leave a card behind
  • save it to your phone as a wallpaper or background to remind you that kindness begins with YOU

How can YOU spread a little more kindness today? 

Happy Life Free Printable (President Monson)

Happy Life Free Printable (President Monson)

Does life right now feel a little crazy to you? I read this quote from President Thomas S. Monson the other day and have been thinking about how much this applies to us right now.

“The happy life is not ushered in at any age to the sound of drums and trumpets. It grows upon us year by year, little by little, until at last we realize that we have it. It is achieved in individuals, not by flights to the Moon or Mars, but by a body of work done so well that we can lift our heads with assurance and look the world in the eye. Of this be sure: You do not find the happy life—you make it”

– Thomas S. Monson

What’s that say? “You do not FIND the happy life – you MAKE it.”  I love this phrase so much. How true is this?!

I think sometimes we just expect that life will just be happy. We think a that happiness will come to us, or we search for happiness, without realizing that it is in our power to MAKE our lives happy.

Because let’s face it – it’s challenging to be happy when life gets hard. When things don’t go quite the way we planned. When there’s bills to pay and there’s kids arguing and an endless list of things we need to do. But when life is thrown at us, that’s when we can CHOOSE to MAKE our lives happy.

So, how do we make a happy life? I believe we can create it in the little things. In finding gratitude. In serving others. In slowing down and focusing on the things that matter most. Little by little, drop by drop we can create that happy life. And in these crazy times, let’s remember that creating the life we want – finding that happiness – IS with in our reach.

Hear Him Printable

Hear Him Printable

There has been a lot of focus on “Hearing Him” lately and I have loved the reminders of how important this is in our daily lives. We each have much going on, and taking some time out to be sure we are listing to what the Lord wants us to hear is so important. 

Here’s a simple and cute printable you can display to remind YOU to hear Him each day.

Here’s some fun ways to use this printable:

  • Print it out and frame it
  • Or, simply print it out and post it on the wall like a poster
  • Use the mini cards as scripture book marks!
  • Or print them out and share with your family, church class, or ministering sisters
  • Download your favorite color option and save to your phone as a lock screen or background so you will always have a reminder close by

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Bunny Tail Farmhouse Easter Printable

Bunny Tail Farmhouse Easter Printable

Spring is hopping up on us here. The grass is getting greener, the days are finally getting longer and the weather is warming up. I’ve even been seeing some little buds on the trees, just waiting to burst. I totally understand how they feel! I Love spring! It’s one of my favorite times of year. I love the fresh smells and the bright colors. But most of all I love the anticipation of warmer days – of getting to spend more time outside. 

Spring means that Easter is on the way and to celebrate, I just had to create a little spring printable – an adorable farmhouse bunny. This Easter Bunny printable is so cute and takes just minutes to put together. The colors are neutral so it can be used all spring, not just during Easter. I decided to go with a farmhouse look because you just can’t beat the cute simple style of farmhouse décor.

I wanted to attach a little pom-pom tail for the perfect little accent, so I removed the glass from the frame to I could add that on. You could also simply attach the pom-pom to the glass, the frame would just not be usable for a different project, if you were wanting to switch things out in it.

I love keeping a few favorite frames on hand. Then I can simply switch out the pictures inside the frames with the different seasons. This saves both money and storage space! For this frame, I removed the glass and will just keep it in a safe place and then I can just return it to the frame for the next project.

Making Your Farmhouse Bunny Tail Frame

Here’s how to create your own printable Easter Bunny farmhouse frame in just a few minutes:

First, you will need a print-out of the printable (see the link below.) There are two color options of the bunny. One is gray and the other is brown and cream. Choose your favorite, then grab a frame and – if desired – a pom-pom or a simple cotton ball for the tail.

Here’s how to put your frame together. 

  • Choose your favorite color and simply print it out at home or at your local printer (Costco is my favorite!) The printable is set to print to an 8×10 size, however there is enough room on the sides that it can be auto cropped to a 5×7 if you would like it smaller. Or you can do it larger on an  11×14 size. Just upload the file to your favorite printer’s site and then simply select the size you would like. If it tells you it needs cropping, simply approve the printers cropping settings and it will size it for you.
  • Next, find a favorite frame to put your printable in.
  • Remove the glass from your frame and use a hot glue gun to glue on a pom-pom or cotton ball for the bunny’s tail. (Alternately, you could glue it directly onto the glass, though the frame wouldn’t be re-usable if you do this.) Or try sticking on some strong double sided tape for a super quick craft.

GRAY Farmhouse Hoppy Spring Printable

CREAM & BROWN Farmhouse Hoppy Spring Printable

I hope spring is hopping your way, wherever you are and that you’re enjoying the warmer weather!


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