Behold, I Am a Disciple of Jesus Christ

NOW UPDATED FOR 2024 THEME – Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ means learning to be like Him. The Children and Youth goal setting program is the perfect way to work towards becoming His disciple!

Get the *updated* 2024 Children and Youth pocket chart below:

children and youth pocket chart
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Did you catch the Children and Youth Face to Face with President and Sister Oaks? What an inspirational event this was!

I loved some of the tips and ideas shared. Here are a couple of my favorite takeaways:

  • Take small steps. Take a step even without “knowing.” Then, take a step back and evaluate
  • Involve the Lord in your plans. Pray for guidance – always
  • Heavenly Father knows who YOU are and wants to help you make the very best person you can be
  • You CAN do this! If you have Heavenly Father’s help, anything is possible
  • Goals help us learn to become what our Heavenly Father wants us to be
  • Go and HAVE FUN!

Children and Youth Goals

The videos were a great way to see how families around the world are implementing this program. I loved seeing how youth from all over have started using the Children and Youth program in amazing ways.

When my 10-year-old son got totally excited over one of the ideas shared, I knew that making him something similar was a key to keep him motivated. He loved seeing the video where the family posted their goals on a chart, then removed the completed goals and put them into a pocket.

I used that idea to create a pocket chart for him and he loves what I came up with.

I’m sharing a simple but fun printable that you can use with your family, too!

free printable goals chart for children and youth program
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Goal Setting Pocket Chart

This is such a simple chart to make – you can easily make one for each family member in just a matter of minutes. You can make them together as an FHE activity. Simply have the kids cut out their own cards before they write their goals on them. There are three parts to the kit:

  • The first page is the main chart. You could simply print on cardstock and post, or you could laminate it. Instead of laminating, I like to simply stick the sheet into a sheet protector. I just cut off the holes on the left side and then insert the cardstock. This is SO much easier (and cheaper!) than lamination, and I don’t even have to run to the copy store. Total win!
  • The second part is the goal cards. These are simply little cards you can cut out for the kids (or for you!) to write down goals on. They are outlined with colors coordinating to each of the 4 goal areas. We stuck these onto the chart with double-sided tape. You could also use sticky back Velcro or simply attach them to the chart with a paper clip.
  • The last page of this kit is the “pocket” to keep the completed goals in.  Cut out the insert along the lines (I can’t cut straight for anything, so I used a paper cutter to get straight edges.) Simply insert this into a sandwich-sized Ziploc bag and then attach it to the wall near your chart. When a goal is complete, you can just remove the card, take off the tape from the back, and into the pocket it goes.
  • I keep the blank goal cards in the back of the “pocket” so they are close by and ready when it’s time to set a new goal.

Goal – completed!! Now just grab another card and set a new goal! At the end of the year, it will be so fun to pull the goals out and look back at what my son has accomplished, and I really think it will help him stay motivated to continue setting new goals.

children and youth chart free printable
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​It’s been fun to see him excited about setting his own goals and posting them up on his chart. His first goal is in the pocket – planning, shopping for, and cooking dinners for an entire week. (He did amazing!)

Next goal up – conquering the Rubix Cube … This one is a little beyond me – any Rubix Cube experts out there to send some help our way?

 I hope your family finds some JOY today as you work together to set some goals,

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Need some help with goal setting?

Check out 50+ Goal Setting Ideas for Primary or 50+ Goal Setting Ideas for Youth.

And then grab one of my Children and Youth Workbooks to walk you through the process!

PRIMARY ages workbook

YOUTH ages workbook

BUNDLE (both versions) 

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