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to Help You Joyfully Live the Gospel

because men are that they might have joy.

because men are that they might have joy.

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find joy for your


 Resources to help your family with General Conference, Come, Follow Me, Family Home Evening, and the Children and Youth Program.

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find joy for your


Pretty printables and artwork to bring the Spirit into your home and remind you of God’s goodness.

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find joy for


Study guides, journals and an uplifting reminders to help you understand and fulfill your divine purpose as you live gospel principles.

God is raining blessings down on you.

Every. Single. Day.

But are you gathering them up?



Life is busy.

Distractions are all around us.

You face mountains of fears and doubt.

And in it all…

you overlook the blessings that God is sending your way.

And miss out on the joys of living the gospel.

So Let’s Start Finding Some Drops of Joy!

So let’s start finding some drops of joy!

Book of mormon resources

Hi, I’m Aretta!

I want to help you gather up the blessings God is sending your way.

And find joy in living the gospel as you do.

I believe you can find joy when you:

  • make time to hear God and feel His love
  • treasure His commandments in your heart
  • intentionally live gospel principles
  • understand your divine purpose as a daughter of God
  • live with gratitude each day
  • create strong family connections


Heavenly Father created us to have joy. But it’s hard to feel that joy when we let the distractions and burdens of life get in our way.

Here you’ll find step-by-step resources that will guide you to take action and to LIVE gospel principles.  

Learn how others have found joy …

Learn How Others Have Found Joy:..

” I have been a member my whole life, but I am still learning so much as I am going through this course. Slowing down and really pondering as I go through has opened up so much to my mind and heart!”

– Jana B.

“Aretta’s ability to breakdown gospel principles so I can understand them more fully is such a gift.” 

– Jill P. 

” Doing these challenges and activities has greatly helped me to be more clear on what the Lord is speaking to me and knowing what He wants me to do in my life. I love the feeling of peace knowing I am hearing Him more.”

– Crissy R. 

See what’s new on the blog…

See What’s New on the Blog:..

Book of Mormon Would You Rather …?

Book of Mormon Would You Rather …?

Would you rather help Nephi build a ship or listen to King Benjamin?? Have some FHE or Come, Follow Me fun with this Book of Mormon Would you Rather…? game.

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