Mother’s Day Printable – Believe in God and Yourself

Mother’s Day Printable – Believe in God and Yourself

Believe in God and Yourself 

I was recently looking for a quote about mothers when I came across this quote from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland from the October 2015 General Conference. 
“To all mothers in every circumstance, including those who struggle—and all will—I say, “Be peaceful. Believe in God and yourself. You are doing better than you think you are.”
believe in god and yourselfJeffrey R, Holland quote

You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are

This quote – these words of encouragement – was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.
And I knew right away I wanted to make a printable of this.
Not only for me – but for you.
And for all the women in your life.
So – share away!
Because life can be hard sometimes.
And no matter what stage of life we’re in – mothers or not – our challenges can get us down. So these words of encouragement are for YOU.
Because God knows you.

He wants you to trust in Him

Believe in Him.

And believe in yourself.

He wants you to know you are doing good…

… even better than you think you are.

mothers day gift cards, mini mothers day cards,
I made these printables in three different sizes – 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10. They’re the perfect Mother’s Day gift for any woman in your life.
So go download your favorite size and share them with your mom. Your daughters, Your sisters. And the sisters you minister to. 
And then – go on believing in yourself! 
jeffrey r holland quot believe in god and in yourself you are doing better than you think you are
Kindness Begins With Me Free Printable

Kindness Begins With Me Free Printable

With all that is going on in the world right now, my mind has repeatedly been drawn back to the words from a favorite Primary song. Short and yet simple …

I want to be kind to ev’ryone,
For that is right, you see.
So I say to myself, “Remember this:
Kindness begins with me.”

Children’s Songbook, 145b

​Kindness truly begins with each of us. In our hearts and in our actions.

Often, we don’t know what those around us might be going through. Giving a little bit of kindness can spread a long way. May we be kind to those we see who are hurting. And to those who may not visibly be so.

May we be more kind.

May we be more loving.

May we be more understanding.

May we be more like the Savior.

Here’s a free printable so you can have a daily reminder that kindness begins with YOU. Print out the signs (they’ll fit in an 8×10 frame) or the mini cards – or both! 

kindness begins with me printable

Here are some ways you can use this free farmhouse printable:

  • print to put in a child’s room or in a main area of your home.
  • frame it, or use it like a poster
  • share it on social media
  • send to a friend, those who you minister to, or to the primary children or youth that you work with
  • use the mini cards with a treat or do a little random act of kindness and leave a card behind
  • save it to your phone as a wallpaper or background to remind you that kindness begins with YOU

How can YOU spread a little more kindness today? 

Happy Life Free Printable (President Monson)

Happy Life Free Printable (President Monson)

Does life right now feel a little crazy to you? I read this quote from President Thomas S. Monson the other day and have been thinking about how much this applies to us right now.

“The happy life is not ushered in at any age to the sound of drums and trumpets. It grows upon us year by year, little by little, until at last we realize that we have it. It is achieved in individuals, not by flights to the Moon or Mars, but by a body of work done so well that we can lift our heads with assurance and look the world in the eye. Of this be sure: You do not find the happy life—you make it”

– Thomas S. Monson

What’s that say? “You do not FIND the happy life – you MAKE it.”  I love this phrase so much. How true is this?!

I think sometimes we just expect that life will just be happy. We think a that happiness will come to us, or we search for happiness, without realizing that it is in our power to MAKE our lives happy.

Because let’s face it – it’s challenging to be happy when life gets hard. When things don’t go quite the way we planned. When there’s bills to pay and there’s kids arguing and an endless list of things we need to do. But when life is thrown at us, that’s when we can CHOOSE to MAKE our lives happy.

So, how do we make a happy life? I believe we can create it in the little things. In finding gratitude. In serving others. In slowing down and focusing on the things that matter most. Little by little, drop by drop we can create that happy life. And in these crazy times, let’s remember that creating the life we want – finding that happiness – IS with in our reach.

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