A Mother’s Work

Have you ever stopped and thought about all you do as a mother?
As moms we are constantly on the go – loving, supporting, lifting, teaching, healing, helping.
The list goes on and on.
And this goes for all those women in a child’s life who love, teach, support and lift. 
The work we do literally never ends.
And that can be exhausting, right?
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An Essential Element of Christ’s work

That’s why I love this quote from Jeffrey R. Holland.

“What mothers so is an essential element of Christ’s work.”

Because this work we’ve  been called to do – it’s literally HIS work.

He’s called us to this task, which means He’ll qualify us for it.

We work hand in hand with Him.

And knowing this – it gives us hope. 

So on the hard days – the days you just want to give up – remember that this work you’re doing is His work.

And that means He’s there to carry your through it.

I made these printables as a reminder of just this! And they make a perfect little gift for any mother in your life.

They’re a perfect little touch for any mom you know and are great for your ministering sisters, too! 

Print one out and frame it, or use the “shareables” size to tie on to a small gift, flowers, or a treat.

And then – move forward remembering that all you do is His work.

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