Would You Rather is such a fun game to play. Sometimes the questions are funny and humorous and bring answers filled with laughter. Sometimes the questions are thought-provoking and make you stop and ponder. Either way, it’s fun to think about what you might choose from two given options and fun to see what others would choose as well.


Book of Mormon Would You Rather

This Book of Mormon Would you Rather game is perfect for an FHE lesson or activity or for an addition to your Come, Follow Me this year. The included questions are a fun way to think about what it would be like to be on adventures with the people in the Book of Mormon.

This version is a little different than the traditional game. Usually you’re given a choice between 2 options. With these questions, you instead draw 2 individual cards and put them together. This way, you can have endless different combinations to keep the game going! 

​Playing Book of Mormon Would You Rather

These questions could be used in so many different settings. You could use them at home for FHE, Come, Follow Me or for family scripture study time. They could be used for a seminary class, activity days or YW or YM group, too. Simply cut out the cards and put them in basket (or hat or bowl) and get ready to play. Here’s a couple if different ways you can play this game, depending on the ages and type of group you’re playing with.


  • Choose 2 – Pass the basket around and have each person draw 2 cards. Then, simply go around the circle and they have to read their two options and their choice. Once everyone has had their turn, put them all back into the basket and pass it around again. Because they are single options on each card, you can play multiple rounds without getting the same choices.


  • Group Play – Have one person choose 2 cards and read them aloud. Then, go around and have everyone give their answer (and the reason why they made that choice!) Once everyone has answered, choose 2 new cards and go around again.


  • Scripture Chase – Remember those good ‘ol Seminary scripture chases? This is great for older kids who would love a more challenging approach. Have each person draw their 2 cards, then find the scripture to go with them. Then, go around and have each person read their cards and give the scripture reference that relates to it before they reveal which they would rather be. Make it into a race for more of a challenge.


  • For Younger Children – If you have younger children, this is a great time to briefly recount the stories in the Book of Mormon. You could choose 2 cards each day, then briefly tell (or have them tell) the story on each card. Then have them choose which they would rather be and discuss why.

Would You Rather …

  • help Nephi build a boat
  •  go into hiding with Alma
  • listen to King Benjamin
  • see the angel with Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah
  • visit Laban with Nephi and his brothers
  • teach King Noah with Abinadi
  • climb the wall with Samuel the Lamanite
  • pray with Enos
  • be baptized by Alma
  • fight with Helaman and the 2000 warriors
  • be in prison with Nephi and Lehi
  • see the vision of the tree of life with Lehi
  • take care of sheep with Ammon
  • make a new bow with Nephi
  • fight with Captain Moroni
  • be visited by Jesus in the Americas
  • travel to the promised land with the Jaredites in the barges
  • go with the Brother of Jared to see God light the stones
  • live with Moroni while he was alone
  • climb King Benjamin’s tower
  • be a missionary with the sons of Mosiah

Any way you chose to use these fun cards, I hope they help bring a little life into your Book of Mormon scripture study.

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