Mother’s Day Mini Note Cards

Mother’s Day is just a week away! These mini note cards are the perfect thing to tie onto a sweet gift. 

All you need is a printer and some card stock and you can have these little notes ready in minutes. I love the simplicity of these cards. They have a sweet message and are cute all on their own. You can simply write a heartfelt message and send it to the special mother. What are you grateful to her for? What things have you noticed she does that seemly get overlooked? Too often, things go unsaid, so use these little cards to share your special thoughts with her. 

Add it to a Gift

These cards are also so adorable added to a little gift. Here’s some sweet ways to use them to show your love:

  • Put some of her favorite cookies or treats in a cute basket or box and tie one on with some bakers twine
  • Fill a mason jar with candy and tie one on. Mini mason jars are the cutest!
  • Tie one onto some flowers – a single rose or an entire bouquet
  • Attach one to a houseplant 
  • Tie some onto some packets of seeds and some garden gloves
  • Stick one inside her purse or bag
  • Fill a lunch sack or other cute bag with treats and staple or tie on a love note
  • Leave one on her pillow or stick it on the mirror
  • Fill a box or bag with chocolate dipped strawberries or raspberries to gift with your little note
  • Or, simply tie on to your favorite gift – a book or CD is a gift she’s sure to love!

Not Just for YOUR Mom

Mother’s Day is also a sweet time to celebrate not only your mom, but the other amazing women in your life. Write down some sweet thoughts to the sisters you minister to, your children’s Primary or Young Women’s leaders or any other women who have an impact on your life. Give her a little encouragement and let her know the things you notice she does as a mother. Let her know she is seen and loved. 

​Really, the ideas are endless! Think of something that mom will love, then write out a note straight from your heart. Tie it up and share your love with her.

So, print these out and start spreading around a little love!

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