I Love You Because …

Want a cute way to make your special people feel loved this Valentine’s Day – without candy or flowers? Use a cute “I Love You Because…” printable to show them what you love about them! These adorable “I Love You Because …” cards are a fun way to share your heart and spread some love to those you care about.  They are perfect for ministering and  fun to attach to a little gift. Or – make them into an activity to strengthen family relationships.

​While candy and flowers (or any other treat) are always fun, there something special about a heartfelt note that express your love. These are especially great for someone who has a “words of affirmation” love language, but just about anyone would appreciate knowing what you love about them!

These are great for:

  • Your children
  • Your spouse
  • Your parents or grandparents
  • Your neighbors
  • Your ministering sisters
  • Your friends
  • Your YW / Primary / Sunday School class
  • Or just about anyone that you love!
​You can use these as a gift, or make it into a game of family fun. Here are some ways you can use these cute printable I Love you Because strips:

  • Put all the family members’ names in a hat and have everyone pull one out. They can each fill out their strip with things they love about that person. Share them with everyone, or simply give them to each other.
  • Everyone loves mail! Fill them out with all the things you love about Grandma and Grandpa. Stick them in the mail and send them to the Grandparents. (If they live far away, be sure to include photos!)
  • Have everyone sit in a circle, take a card and write their name at the top. Then, have everyone pass the card to the person on the left. Each person looks at the name at the top of the card and writes something they love about that person. Keep passing the cards until they’ve been all the way around. You could do this game as a family, a Young Women’s group, a Primary class, or any other group of people that could benefit from stronger connection.
  • Write down the things you love about your ministering sisters. (Or a best friend, spouse, child, or sibling!) Then, add a homemade treat or other favorite good and drop them off!
  • Use them for a Family Home Evening activity with a lesson about showing love! (And then finish up with making some heart shaped cookies for a treat!)
  • Fill them out for your kids and leave them in fun places they can find them – their backpack, a lunchbox, on the bathroom mirror, in a drawer, or tucked into their favorite book.
  • Post one for each family member on the fridge and everyone can add something to each one throughout the week.

Any way that you use these cute little I Love You Because Valentine’s strips, they are sure to make someone feel loved.

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