Do you choose a “word of the year?” I love doing this each year and this year my word has been MIRACLES. 

I was recently looking for some quotes about gratitude and this one caught my eye.* I’ve heard this several times in the past, but with my word of the year right now, I really started to think more on what it means.

I started thinking about HOW a grateful heart brings about miracles. 

President Nelson has said that we should seek and EXPECT miracles in our lives. (You can see this talk for more about that.)

When we’re practicing gratitude – when we’re thankful and showing it – we can see and RECOGNIZE the miracles that are already happening in our lives.

And as we see these miracles, we’ll seek more of them. We’ll come to expect them, just like a magnet. 

So, a grateful heart really *can* be a magnet for miracles in our lives.

A Grateful Heart is a Magnet for Miracles Farmhouse Printable

I hope you’ll enjoy this fun, farmhouse printable! It’s perfect for the Thanksgiving seasn, but it also is a beautiful reminder all throughout the year. 

* I was unable to locate who the original author of this phrase is. 

May your heart be filled with gratitude this season and may you notice the miracles around you. 

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