The First Principle of the Gospel

Why is faith is the FIRST principle of the gospel? Because it is the FOUNDATION of all that we do. Last April President Nelson shared his thoughts on faith with us at General Conference. He taught us that faith is “the foundation of all belief and the conduit of divine power.” 

Here’s some truths about faith that President Nelson taught us: 

  • Everything good in life begins with faith
  • The Lord understands our weaknesses AND our great potential 
  • The Lord does not require perfect faith
  • No matter our challenges or trials, the answer is to increase our faith
  • Faith takes work
  • YOU already have faith

It All Begins With Faith 

Whenever we work towards something, whenever we apply our best efforts, we’re showing faith. There’s something we can’t see – that goal we’re working towards. But we really hope it will happen – those things we want to accomplish. The person that we want to become. 

President Nelson said, “everything good in life – every potential blessing of eternal significance – begins with faith.” 

Faith is the first step. 

It’s where we begin.

It’s like a little seed that we can nurture – 

And watch it grow into something amazing. 

“And yet,” President Nelson continued, “exercising faith can seem overwhelming.” 

Have you ever felt that? The overwhelm and the uncertainty of the unknown? 

Faith is believing in things we can not see. And when we can’t see things it can be hard. Hard to understand. Hard to press forward. Hard to face our fears. Hard to take that first step on our journey. 

The Lord knows our weaknesses. But even more importantly – HE knows our GREAT POTENTIAL. He knows what you can become. He sees in you not the seed, but the beautiful tree that can grow and flourish when you apply your faith. 

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5 Suggestions for Increasing Faith

President Nelson challenged us to increase our faith. And he provided 5 suggestions to help. 

  1. Study
  2. Choose to Believe
  3. Act in Faith
  4. Partake in Sacred Ordinances
  5. Ask Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, for help

Whatever mountains you’re facing in your life – whatever challenges and struggles you have – the answer to overcoming them is to increase your faith! 

You can print out this free printable to help you remember the steps President Nelson challenged us to follow.

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Download PDF file 

And if you’re wanting to work more towards increasing your faith, check out my 8 week “Faith in Him” course. This study guide takes President Nelson’s 5 suggestions and helps you dive deep into a study to learn about them and apply them in your life.

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