Favorite Talk Quotes

I had so many “favorite talks” this Conference. There were just so many that were so good – 

Way too many to list them all –

but below you can find some that I especially loved.

You can print these out or use them in PowerPoints for Relief Society lessons, etc. Simply right click and download them to your computer. 

I also made some mini printables of these that you can use for ministering or handouts! 

Make Time for the Lord by President Nelson

Worthiness is not Flawlessness by Bradley R. Wilcox  

Trust Again  by Gerrit W. Gong

Daily Restoration  by Dieter F. Uchtdorf 

A House of Sequential Order  by Vaiangina Sikahema

Studying General Conference

Studying the words from Conference is an ongoing task. As we continue to study, the words of the Lord become part of who we are as we strive to become who He wants us to be.

Here are some resources to help you study these valuable teachings:

The October 2021 Conference Talks journal This guided journal is a fantastic way for you to continue to study the words of the prophets and complete the challenges that President Nelson issued. And most importantly, it will become a place you can record your own personal direction that the Spirit give you as you study.

My Upside-down Umbrella Conference Club  Conference Club includes weekly resources to help you study one or two talks each week. It comes to your inbox each Sunday with workbooks, pretty printables and mor! Conference Club was created to help you intentionally appply and LIVE the teachings of General Conference in your own life.

May the following months bring you joy as you study and apply the words from Conference.
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