With the new year approaching, is goal setting on your mind? As we approach a new year, it always gets me thinking about what I want to improve on or accomplish in the coming months.

It’s also the time of the year to review our Children and Youth program and set new goals in each of the categories.

I’m always trying to keep things fresh and new and this year we’re doing a goals puzzle! I’m so excited for how fun it’s going to be.

You know the phrase “out of sight, out of mind?” When we don’t see something, it’s so easy to forget about it. Keeping our goals front and center and in sight is essential to successful goal setting. And the point of this goals puzzle is to do just that!


How to Use The Goal Setting Puzzle

  • Print out a puzzle for each family member. I like to use cardstock.
  • Have each person think about their goals and write them down in each of the categories. Need some help brainstorming ideas? Check out these idea lists for Primary children and for Youth. My Children and Youth Workbook is also a great, in depth way to walk through goal setting!
  • Once you’ve each decided on your goals, stick them up on a wall or posterboard where you can see them all (but not all put together!)
  • Place the “Strive to Be” piece in a special spot. (I like to glue it to a new piece of paper that will act as a background for the puzzle.)
  • As each goal is finished, add it to the Strive to Be puzzle until the puzzle is complete!

Seeing the progress will help keep kids motivated and excited to add the next puzzle piece!


Need more help with goal setting? I’ve created some Children’s and Youth workbooks to help guide Primary children and Youth through the process of setting and carrying out their goals. These workbooks help them seek out the personal revelation needed, brainstorm ideas, and work through the process of accomplishing the goals they set!

You can get them here:

Children’s and Youth – PRIMARY version

Children’s and Youth – YOUTH version

BUNDLE (both versions) 

What goals will you work on today?

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