Last week I shared a list of ideas for YOUTH as they begin setting goals for the new year and the new Children and Youth program and today, I’m sharing ideas for Primary and Activity Days children!

While many of the youth activities can be done by Primary children as well, I’ve put together a list of more age-appropriate ideas for the younger group. Just as with the older group, the key to the Children and Youth program is personal revelation. While these ideas are meant to be a starting point, be sure to guide as your children personally select activities they are inspired to do. Encourage them to seek their own personal revelation as they review these ideas. These suggestions can be added to, simplified, or tweaked in any way that best fits them.

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Spiritual Goal Setting Ideas for Children and Youth

  • Keep a gratitude journal – every day write down 3-5 things you’re thankful for. Tell Heavenly Father what you are thankful for
  • Read the Book of Mormon each day
  • Teach a FHE lesson to your family. Choose a topic you feel you need to learn more about
  • Learn and memorize a favorite Primary song
  • Memorize the Articles of Faith
  • Read the “My Gospel Standards.” Think about what things you’re already really good at doing. Then find some things that you could do better at. Write a plan on how you will improve, and then go and do it!
  • Pray each day and pray more thoughtfully, carefully thinking about what you say when you talk with Heavenly Father
  • Each Sunday, bring a smile to church with you. Read your Come, Follow Me assignments before going to church and participate in your Primary class and family discussions
  • Find someone to share the gospel with. Write your testimony in a Book of Mormon and give it to them
  • Learn about a favorite apostle and watch one of the talks he gave in General Conference. Write down three things that he encourages you to do and make a plan to do them
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Social Goal Setting Ideas

  • Talk with your grandparents or another elderly family member about their lives. Make a list of what was different for them and for you in your life now. Share what you learned at FHE
  • Find a pen pal to write letters to
  • Plan and carry out a family fun night activity to strengthen your family
  • Do a special act of service for a family member or friend each day for a month
  • Practice saying please and thank you. Write thank you notes to family, friends, and teachers who have helped you
  • Make cards to send to someone who is sick
  • Bake cookies and take them to a friend
  • Each day for a week, sit by someone new at lunch time. Learn their name and favorite things
  • Learn about another culture and then make a poster or slideshow to share what you learned with your family or Activity Days group
  • Every day, pray for help in finding someone who needs some love. Maybe a friend at school or a family member far away. Pray to know what you can do to help them
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Physical Goal Setting Ideas

  • Read the Word of Wisdom (D&C 89) and make a list of the things we should and shouldn’t do. Find something you can do better at and make a plan to improve
  • Help your mom or dad to cook dinner
  • Learn a new sport or physical activity (basketball, soccer, tennis, running)
  • Get outside and ride your bike each day
  • Happily eat your fruits and veggies for a whole week (no complaining or making faces!)
  • Find something around your home that is broken. Learn how to fix it
  • Help your family plant and harvest a garden
  • Learn to make your bed and make it every day for a month
  • Keep your room and toys clean
  • Plan and take a hike somewhere near your home
  • Try a new fruit or vegetable each week
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Intellectual Goal Setting Ideas for Children and Youth

  • Think of something that you would like to learn more about and talk with your parents about taking a class. Or, have your parents help you look it up online to learn about. Some ideas of things you can learn are:

Painting or art

Sign language

Cooking or baking




Drama / Acting




A musical instrument

  • Create and draw picture for a storybook
  • Make kindness cards with uplifting sayings on them. Send them to relatives, take them to friends, or leave them in a secret place for someone in your family to find
  • What is the hardest class for you at school? Think of ways you can do better and improve and make a plan to do these things
  • Read a book or study about a subject that challenges you
  • Create a vision board with your goals and dreams for the future
  • Research about something that you love (space, dinosaurs, dance, history, etc) and make a poster or slideshow, or write a report about the things you’ve learned. Share it with your family or Activity Days group
  • What subject is hard for you at school? Study that subject for an extra half an hour each day
  • Write down 5 question you have. Ask a parent or leader to help you research and find answers about it
What I love most about this program is that it teaches our children and youth to rely on their own personal revelation. They get to recognize their own talents, their strengths, and where they can improve. They are the ones that get to choose what they will work on and develop. I hope they have so much fun planning and carrying out their ideas.

You can print out this printable to post in a visible area, or add it to your Children and Youth binder!

Grab our ideas for YOUTH printable too!

Need more help with goal setting? I’ve created some Children’s and Youth workbooks to help guide Primary children and Youth through the process of setting and carrying out their goals. These workbooks help them seek out the personal revelation needed, brainstorm ideas, and work through the process of accomplishing the goals they set!

You can get them here:
Children’s and Youth – PRIMARY version

Children’s and Youth – YOUTH version

BUNDLE (both versions) 

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Printable study guides are for personal, non commercial use only. Feel free to use them in your teaching, but they are otherwise not to be copied, sold, altered, or reproduced.

The LDS ideas and printables shared here are expressly my own and created by My Upside Down Umbrella. They are not created, provided, approved nor endorsed by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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