​These are crazy times, right? We’re working from home. Shopping from home. Schooling from home. And even churching from home. We probably haven’t spent so much collective time in our homes in quite a while.

Along with all the other things we’ve been doing from home, most of us probably now need to minister from home. We may not be able to get out and make a social visit, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need to minster right now. In fact, we probably need to minister now more than ever before. It simply means we have to find ways to minister differently than we are used to. And it can be fun!

Here are 6 simple ways that you can minister to and be closer to your sisters while still keeping your distance.  

​Send a Card –

Opening your mailbox to find an actual card or letter (something other than bills and flyers!) can immediately brighten a day.

  • Find some printable cards online to print out and send
  • Simply write out a note of encouragement or your favorite things about her
  • Copy your favorite quote or scripture
  • Send an uplifting photo that you know she will love
  • It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just the little surprise of opening her mailbox to find something fun is sure to make her smile

Set up a Virtual Visit –

One of the things I’m most grateful for at this quarantine time is technology! With FaceTime, Zoom, Hangouts and all the other amazing apps out there, we can easily stay connected. Set up a time to “visit” your sister and then enjoy a chat together.

  • Think of some “getting to know you” questions you can discuss together
  • Plan a short message, or just chat about how things are going for her and her family
  • Share ideas about how she can be sure to take care of herself in unsettling times
  • Find some online resources for her children’s ages to share with her
  • Read scriptures or a Conference talk together
  • Offer to help her children with their homework

Text a Little Thought –

Keeping in touch via text is something that takes just minutes to do.

  • Google your favorite talk from last Conference, a favorite scripture or quote and you’re sure to come up with some really cute and inspiring images. Attach your favorite one to a text and send it her way
  • Find an inspiring meme or photo that relates to her interests
  • Simply text a little “How are you doing?” to check in on her
  • Ask her needs and do what you can to help her address any issues she may be having

​Make a Grocery Run For Her –

Braving the stores or the line at Costco? Be sure to ask her if there’s anything you can pick up for her while you’re out! Grouping together on shopping trips will help lessen the number of people in the stores and she’ll love skipping the crazy lines. And even if she doesn’t need anything, I promise it won’t hurt to pick up a little something you know she’d love.

Drop Off a Treat –

Staying 6 feet away doesn’t mean you can’t leave a treat on her doorstep!

  • Make some cookies or brownies to deliver. Or a fresh loaf of homemade bread (have the kids help you to keep them busy as well!)
  • Buy or pick some flowers to take to her
  • Leave some extra groceries or pantry staples for her
  • Make a “dinner kit” with things she could put together for a quick and easy dinner

Pray for Her and Her Family –

One of the simplest and most effective ways to minister is to pray. And we can do that anytime and from ANYWHERE. No one knows your sisters and their needs better than our Heavenly Father. Ask Him what she needs and how you can help her.

  • Pray about how you can bring her light during these times.
  • How can you help her feel more peace?
  • In what ways can you bring her relief?
  • Pray to know what she needs. And then ACT on the promptings you feel.

Through these uncertain times, even the smallest act of reaching out like the Savior can show your ministering sisters you care about them. And serving as the Savior would will help YOU feel more peace as well.

Print out these uplifting cards to send a little ministering love. 


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