As we’ve studied the New Testament this year, we’ve had the opportunity to view the Savior’s life through the writings of His disciples. Their accounts provide invaluable insights into the life, teachings and miracles of Jesus Christ. Now that we’ve spent the past six months learning about all these events, let’s have some fun as we review with this New Testament “Would You Rather” game. 

A fun way to look back on the things we’ve been learning about in Come, Follow Me, this game combines learning and fun all in one! It’s designed to get you thinking and encourage deeper contemplation into the teachings and events of the New Testament.

Along with being a great review of the things we’ve been learning this year, it can help you ponder how you might have felt in each of these situations.

The best part is – as you play you will likely discover new insights or deeper perspectives into these events.  

This game is perfect for an FHE lesson or activity or for an addition to your Come, Follow Me study. The included questions are a fun way to think about what it would be like to go back in time and experience some of the events from the time that Christ lived here on the earth.

Unlike a traditional game of Would you Rather, which gives you one question with 2 options, the strips of this game are individual. This means you will need to use 2 strips, but you can come up with dozens of different combinations to keep the game going.

Playing New Testament Would You Rather

The rules of the New Testament “Would You Rather” game are simple. You’ll be presented with 2 distinct choices based on events, teachings or characters of the New Testament. As you carefully consider each option, choose which you would prefer to experience if you had been there 2000 years ago, during the life of Christ. 

These questions could be used in so many different ways. You could use them during your Come, Follow Me time at home, in your Primary or Seminary class, or for a youth activity with the Young Women and Young Men. They are great for FHE, or use them for some dinner time conversation while you’re all sitting around the dinner table.

Simply cut out the cards and put them in a jar (or hat or bowl… anything works!) and get ready to play. As you ponder each “Would You Rather” question, you can take the opportunity to briefly review or recount the events of each choice. Here are a couple of different ways you can play this game, depending on the ages and type of group you’re playing with.

  • Choose 2 – Pass the basket around and have each person draw 2 cards. Then, simply go around the circle and they have to read their two options and their choice. Once everyone has had their turn, put them all back into the basket and pass it around again. Because they are single options on each card, you can play multiple rounds without getting the same choices.
  • Group Play – Have one person choose 2 cards and read them aloud. Then, go around and have everyone give their answer (and the reason why they made that choice!) Once everyone has answered, choose 2 new cards and go around again.
  • Scripture Chase – Remember those good ‘ol Seminary scripture chases? This is great for older kids who would love a more challenging approach. Have each person draw their 2 cards, then find the scripture to go with them. Then, go around and have each person read their cards and give the scripture reference that relates to it before they reveal which they would rather be/do. Make it into a race for more of a challenge.
  • For Younger Children – If you have younger children, this is a great time to briefly recount the stories they’ve been learning this year. You could choose 2 cards each day, then briefly tell (or have them tell) the story on each card, or show a picture of each event, if available. Then have them choose which they would rather be and discuss why.

There are no right or wrong answers! It’s simply all about exploring the events of the scriptures and pondering what you might have liked had you been there, then.

So, as you play, let the game spark some meaningful discussion for your family. And be sure to find our the WHY behind the answer! You can learn some new insights from the choices of others. 

Would You Rather …

  • witness Jesus’ birth
  • watch Jesus calm the storm
  • witness the resurrection
  • see Jesus feed the 5,000
  • learn from the young Jesus in the temple
  • be taught at the Mount of Transfiguration
  • see Lazarus raised from the dead
  • listen to Jesus teach with parables
  • sit at the Last Supper
  • witness the water being turned to wine
  • talk with Jesus like the woman at the well
  • see the lepers be healed
  • fish with the disciples
  • witness Jesus’ baptism
  • walk on water with Jesus
  • travel with Paul’s mission journey
  • listen to the Sermon on the Mount
  • climb a tree with Zacchaeus
  • witness Jesus cleaning the temple

Any way you chose to use these fun cards, I hope they help bring some new and exciting insights into your study of the New Testament

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