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One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the service opportunities that come with the season. I believe that service helps us focus on and remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas. Of course, we can – and should! – serve all year long. But the magic of Christmastime brings extra opportunities to serve. I fondly remember a myriad of Christmas service projects we did growing up, and I strive to create similar opportunities and memories for my family.

Many years ago at our church Christmas dinner, we made acts of service Christmas countdown chains.

Like a traditional count down chain, we stapled strips of paper together and then each day as Christmas came closer we removed one of the strips and counted the days down.

However, instead of regular strips of paper, each link included an act or idea for service to do that day. This made it so that, as we counted down the days until Christmas, we were also focusing on serving and being more like Christ.

I loved the idea so much we repeated it the next year. And the next. It quickly become one of our families Christmas traditions, and we have continued to do it almost every year since then.

This year, with the “One by One” theme of the Light the World program, I thought it would be the perfect time to update our countdown chain! The links include suggestions for service to correspond with the Light the World theme for the day.

To make your chain:

  • Print out the strips on colored paper. I love using cute patterned paper, but plain Christmas colors will work as well. The numbers on the strips alternate, so if you print out each page in a different color / pattern, you will end up with a mixed chain (not all the same color / paper next to each other.)
  • Cut the strips on the lines provided.
  • Print out the star chain topper. You can print this on a colored paper, or print it black and white and have the family decorate it. Use crayons or markers or take it to another level with paint and glitter.
  • Use the blank strip (with no words on it) and form a loop and attach the long part to the star.
  • Because these strips are dated, you’ll want to be sure you staple them in the proper order so they correspond with the day’s service theme. Starting with number 25, attach each chain in descending order.
  • Each day, remove the chain and do the act of service!

Wishing you a Christmas filled with joy as you light the world – and share His light – each day!

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