Yesterday in General Conference, Elder Stevenson and President Nelson both shared about the need to focus more on Christ in our Easter celebrations. I loved President Nelson’s sweet words about what he felt BECAUSE of our Savior.

I knew right away that I wanted to focus on this in the coming week as we approach Easter. How has my life has been blessed because of Him? What in my life is better because of Him? What truths do I know because of Him?

Because of Him – I know that my family can be together after this life and that we will see loved ones that are no longer with us.

Because of Him – miracles happen in my life.

Because of Him – I can find joy in this life

Because of Him – I know that I can love others, even when it’s sometimes hard.

Because of Him – and with His strength, I can do all things.

Because of Him Printable Easter Activity

I created some little cards that YOU can use to think about and remember the reasons that He is important in YOUR life.

I’ve included 2 sizes of cards in the download. The smaller cards are perfect for writing just one or two short things. The longer lists could be used to write down several things.

Here are some ideas of ways that you can use this printable Easter activity with your family:

  • Print out a page for each family member. Have each person fill out their own page and keep it somewhere they can be reminded of these things often.
  • Print out the longer lists, and cut them into 4 sections. This could be used for 4 different people to write their own lists. 
  • You could use the smaller option to write one short thought on each card, or use the larger size option if you’d like each person to have just one slip to write several thoughts down.
  • Cut out  the smaller cards and give a few to each family member. Have each person fill out a couple with their thoughts.
  • After filling out the smaller cards, have someone hide them, then everyone can search for them,


  • Place the smaller cards into some plastic eggs and go on an egg hunt. 
  • Have family members read / share what is on each card (either their own card, or the cards they’ve searched for and found.) 
  • You could discuss why we need to “search” for Christ in our lives and some ways that we can do that.

Want to keep the “because of Him” theme going not only at Easter time, but every day? Check out this pretty printable in the shop to help you be reminded of all that He’s done for you. 

This Easter season, and every day, I hope you can recoginze the many ways that your own life is blessed because of HIM. 

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