Valentine’s Day I Spy Printable

Need a fun and simple Valentine’s Day activity? This Valentine’s Day I Spy page is the perfect printable – whether for an individual activity or a class party.

This I Spy printable is great as an individual activity (like – when you need a few minutes of quiet time!) They also are fun as a group activity. Make a copy for everyone and then have a race to see who can find all the things the fastest! Or break into teams and do it relay style with the paper passing from one person to the next.

​However you decide to play it, these printables are perfect for a variety of ages. That means you can join in the fun too! This is a great activity to help the younger ones with counting. And the kids who are a little older can still be challenged enough to make it fun for them as well.

Printable games are a great way to encourage time away from screens and these fun I Spy pages aren’t just for counting. Your child will be having screen free fun while also learning:

  • Color recognition
  • Enhanced visual discrimination
  • New vocabulary
  • Memory skills
  • Teamwork (if played as a team)

I Spy is also perfect for when you’re on the go. Have a longer than normal drive? Waiting in the carpool lane? At the doctor’s office? Parent – Teacher conference? Instead of handing your little one electronics to keep them busy, pack some I Spy sheets in the car and pull them out when they need a distraction.

Now print this I Spy sheet out and get busy rounding up some Valentine’s Day love!

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