St Patrick’s Day I Spy Printable

Search for that elusive pot of gold with this fun St. Patrick’s Day I Spy Printable game. You’ll also find some rainbows and enough four-leaf clovers to keep the luck coming for quite a while!

This I Spy printable is great as an individual activity or can be fun as a group game. Have a race to see who can find all the things the fastest! Or make guesses as to how many of each item there are and then see who has the closest guess. 

​However you decide to play it, these printables are perfect for a variety of ages. That means you can join in the fun too! This is a great activity to help the younger ones with counting. And the kids who are a little older can still be challenged enough to make it fun for them as well.

I Spy printables are a great way to encourage time away from screens and they aren’t just for counting. Your child will be having screen free fun while also learning:

  • Color recognition
  • Enhanced visual discrimination
  • New vocabulary
  • Memory skills
  • Teamwork (if played as a team)

This free printable pages are also perfect for when you’re on the go. Waiting for the older kids a soccer practice? Have a meeting and need to keep the little ones busy? Running an endless list of errands? Keep the little ones busy with something other than electronics. Simply keep some I Spy sheets in the car and pull them out when they need a distraction.

Now print this I Spy sheet out and get busy searching for some pots of gold.

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