Last April in his welcome remarks at General Conference, President Nelson issued each of us a challenge:

“As I have watched workers [who are renovating the Salt Lake Temple] dig out old tree roots, plumbing, wiring, and a leaky fountain, I have thought about the need for each of us to remove, with the Savior’s help, the old debris in our lives.

…  His gospel provides an invitation to keep changing, growing, and becoming more pure…

As we listen to the messages that have been carefully prepared by our leaders under the direction of the Holy Ghost, I invite you to pray to identify the debris you should remove from your life so you can become more worthy.”

Have you taken time since Conference to evaluate your life and consider what “debris” you could remove?

Have you thought about what you can change?

About what ways you can grow and become more pure?

I created this free printable worksheet to help you do just that!

This would make a great no-prep FHE lesson!

FHE Lesson Outline

Here’s a simple FHE outline you could use. The only prep needed is to print out a copy for each family member.

  • Watch the message from President Nelson and discuss what debris is (generally.)
  • Then talk about some different “debris” we may have in our lives and why we need to remove it to grow and become more pure.
  • Give each family member a copy of the worksheet and have them think about what things they could remove from their life. They can write down goals and ideas about how they can change, grow, and become more pure.
  • The boxes on this worksheet are unlined, so younger children can even draw in their goals to work on.
  • When you’re finished, everyone can post theirs in a place they can see often so they can remember.

Continuing General Conference Study

We are just about half way between spring and fall Conferences! Have you taken the time to reveiw the talks from Conference and allow them to guide you in your life?

If you haven’t yet, now is the time to start!  By reading a talk 2 times each week, you could finish reading all of the April talks before October Conference.

And if you need something cute to help you be motivated to study, go grab this April 2021 General Conference Journal. 

This beautiful “after Conference” notebook has all the talks from last April’s Conference. There’s plenty of space for writing down your thoughts, inspirations, personal revelation, and all the things you learn as you study the messages of our leaders. The pages are set up in a way that encourages you to think about the talks in a unique way and most importantly to apply the things you learn.

May you feel His guidance as you work to remove the debris from your life and accept the Lord’s invitation to change, grow, and become more pure.

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