In the October General Conference President Nelson closed his remarks by issuing an invitation to each of us to prepare for General Conference in April.  Last week I shared some printables to help complete that invitation. Those printables covered the study of JSH. I hope you’ve had a chance to really read and ponder those verses and possibly discover some new insights and testimony into the glorious light of this restored gospel.

Our Own Personal Revelation

I love that President Nelson strongly counsels us to receive our own personal revelation. In a recent letter he said, “God loves all of His children and has a vision for each of us. Just as He listened to Joseph’s prayer in 1820, He listens to you and yearns to speak with you through the Spirit.”  What an amazing promise that is!

This week’s worksheets include the questions that President Nelson posed last Conference and again in his recent letter. As you fill out these worksheets, take some time to prayerfully consider these questions and your answers. Then – always the most important part – ACT on that revelation you receive and continue to learn and prepare.

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