If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for fun ways to keep the family engaged and attentive during General Conference. And coloring pages and activities are great, but I love when the activities we do also encourage *listening* and helping us to remember what we’ve heard. 

Hearing Him Through His Servants

We’ve been encouraged to “Hear Him” constantly this year. D&C 1:38 says, “…whether by mine own voice or the voice of my servants, it is the same.” One of the best ways for us to hear Him is through his prophets and apostles. And what better time for that than General Conference!

With this simple activity, you can encourage your family to listen for what Heavenly Father is speaking to them – individually.

General Conference Coloring Poster

This printable is easy enough for the little ones – they can simply draw what they hear. It’s also great for the older ones to jot down some simple and quick notes as well.

There are a couple of fun ways to use this cute printable.

  • Simply print out a copy for each family member and as they listen to conference, they can write down what they hear – what things touch them personally.
  • Print out the “poster” version and attach to a poster board or large sheet of paper. Color it in beforehand to prepare for conference, or let the family work together to color it as they listen. Then, as you watch conference, each family member can add what they hear. Get some markers and make it fun and colorful!

After Conference

When Conference is over, it would be fun to compare notes – did everyone hear the same thing? Though everyone was listening to the same talk, each person might have *heard* something different.  Discuss why this is and what it means!

Then, stick your posters or pages up somewhere where they can been seen often. They will be a great reminder of the things that Heavenly Father shared through His leaders. 


Here’s to a joy-filled, inspired General Conference!
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