I can’t believe that it’s already been 25 years since the First Presidency issued The Family: A Proclamation to the World. I feel that having this proclamation is such a gift in my life. This proclamation is so important to us today. And I’m so grateful it was given to us so many years ago when it was. To me, this proclamation – given at the time it was – is a testimony of God’s love for us. HE knew what these future days would hold for us and knew that the world needed this proclamation.

I love to read through the Proclamation on the Family! I always discover new insights and learn new ways to apply it to me, personally. As mothers, understanding this proclamation ourselves – and then teaching our families the principles of God’s view on families is such a critical thing for us to do today.

Teaching Our Families About the Family Proclamation

To help you with teaching these prophetic words to your family, I’ve created some fun discussion squares. These are a great way to get a family discussion going! This sheet is a simple set of discussion starters that will help you discuss these principles with your family in a fun and relaxed way.

Family Proclamation Discussion Squares

These cards are a great way to get the whole family involved in the discussion. The cards have 4 areas to discuss. Most cards include all 4 areas, though some cards include just 2 or 3.

Here’s what you’ll find on the cards:

  • An excerpt from The Family proclamation – read this together before doing the questions.
  • DISCUSS – these questions will help you start a discussion about a small part of the Proclamation. Read the question(s) and then spend some time discussing them together. Give each family member a chance to participate and share their thoughts.
  • PONDER – the ponder questions are more personal questions to ponder about. You can choose to discuss these together, or just have each person think about them on their own.
  • APPLY – the application questions will help you to apply the principles discussed to your own family. After discussing them, turn them into a challenge for each family member to do that day (or the following day.)

While you could do these all at one time, I designed them to be done spaced out over time (so that you have time to fulfill the application questions without overwhelm!) If you’d like to do them all at one time, you can simply choose a few of the application questions to focus on, rather than do each of them.

Discussion Squares Ideas

Here are some ways you can use this conversation starters:

  • Start a week of dinner-time discussions. Each night, choose a different card to discuss. You can leave them on the sheet and go in order or cut them out and have someone randomly choose one to discuss.
  • Do a card each day before or after your regular scripture study. Or, instead of the regular scripture reading, find scriptures that support the day’s section of the proclamation.
  • Pull them out at bedtime and start a bedtime discussion. This is a great time for discussions because the day is winding down and there tend to be less distractions. (And because we all know the kids will do *anything* to avoid lights out, right?)
  • Hide one of the conversation cards under someone’s dinner plate (or somewhere else in the room.) When it’s found, the person who found it gets to lead the discussion!
  • With older children – post the card in a spot where they will see it throughout the day and encourage them to read and ponder it. Then, discuss together at dinner or before bed.
  • Have a morning discussion and let everyone discuss the day’s theme over breakfast before they head out for the day.
  • Use them over several weeks’ time, doing one each week at Family Home Evening or another designated time.

​However you choose to use these, I hope they will help you to share the joy of The Family: A Proclamation to the World with your family.

p.s. See below to get a FREE printable of The Family: A Proclamation to the World to display in your home!


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