13 Helps for Doctrine and Covenants – Come, Follow Me 2021

13 Helps for Doctrine and Covenants – Come, Follow Me 2021

One of the things I love most about the Come, Follow Me program is how individualized it is. As children of God, we each have unique talents and characteristics. And because of that – we each learn in unique and different ways. More and more of the task of teaching our families is coming back to the home. And it’s a blessing there are so many resources out there to help us in this calling. Today, I’m sharing 13 of my favorite resources that are available for 2021. These are great resources to help you and your family in studying the Doctrine and Covenants this coming year. Here’s a variety of ideas –  for the family, your littlest ones, the primary children and for youth and adults!

For the Family

Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants Reading Schedule Bookmark

Ever forget what the weeks Come, Follow Me reading assignment is? You will always be on top of it when you keep one of these cute bookmarks tucked into your scriptures. Since you can choose from 9 different designs, there’s something for everyone in the family. These are 4×6 size and are easy to print at home or at your favorite printer. (And they’re free!)

bookmark schedule for doctrine and covenants 2021 come follow me

Doctrine and Covenants AND Children & Youth Family Bulletin Board

Do you ever feel a little scattered in all things “home church?” This bulletin board will keep your Family’s Come, Follow Me AND Children and Youth program all in one convenient place. Track goals, display reading assignments, keep a prayer list, study the Articles of Faith, display gospel artwork, and more. This kit includes all the pieces you need to get your board set up, plus weekly reading assignment cards for 2021. There are several different activity options – and two color choices – to choose from, so you can create a bulletin board that fits your family’s needs.

come follow me and children and youth bulletin board for lds families

Come, Follow Me Dinner Jar

Looking for a simple and quick way to incorporate Come, Follow Me into your family’s busy day? The Dinner Jar is just the thing! Each week includes a set of strips to stick into the jar, then choose one out to discuss each day. The prompts provided will lead to some great dinner time (or any time!) discussions. These are available as a download to print yourself, or order just the strips (provide your own jar) or you can choose to order the complete kit ready to go.

family activity come follow me dinner jar

Youth and Adults

Doctrine and Covenants – Come, Follow Me Study Journal

Do you need help in studying your scriptures, rather than just reading them? This Doctrine and Covenants study journal will help you record your insights, and most importantly – it guides you in taking action on what you’ve learned. The study guide follows the Come, Follow Me schedule, with a 2-page layout each week. You can record people and places you read about, truths about Christ and the gospel, and inspiring notes. Then – there’s a full page to record your inspirations, ponder on how you can apply your reading to your life, and set a goal to work on for the week so you can learn AND do.

doctrine and covenants study journal

Doctrine and Covenants Planner Stickers

Do you love making your scriptures and study tools pretty? Then you have to grab these gorgeous planner stickers from Best Laid Plans! With beautiful watercolor flowers, these labels are so pretty. Use them as a special addition to your planner, your study tools, or your actual scriptures. The Doctrine and Covenants set of stickers covers the reading for the entire year of Doctrine and Covenants. These stickers will have you looking forward to studying each week.

doctrine and covenants planner stickers

Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration; A Study Journal of His Life and Teachings

This year we study the beginnings of the restoration and the early years of the Church. This is a great time to learn more about and increase your testimony of Joseph Smith as the Prophet of the restoration in these latter days. This study journal is amazing for the whole family. Using Church resources to study from, this study guide has places for you to record what you learn about Joseph’s family, life experiences, and teachings. Also learn through scriptures and General Conference talks about Joseph’s calling and purpose.

joseph smith study guide

Doctrine and Covenants Doctrinal Mastery Taboo

Have a seminary student? This Doctrinal Mastery Taboo game from Smash Book Seminary can help them memorize all those scriptures! Fun and fast moving, this game will keep your youth on their toes as they try to guess the scripture. The printable game includes a blank version as well, so you can customize it in a way that’s best for you. Smash Book Seminary also has an amazing Doctrine and Covenants scripture marking key. And it’s not only for Seminary students – it’s a great resource for the whole family!

scripture mastery taboo

Primary Aged Children

Doctrine and Covenants Study Journal – Children’s Version

Want your kids to do more with their scripture study this year? This Doctrine and Covenants children’s version of our study journal is a great way to help your kids get started with digging deeper into the scriptures. The layout is similar to the general study guide but is in a simplified, 1-page layout. Help kids learn to recognize and record the insights the Spirit provides as they read. They then can set a goal for the week to help them take action on what they feel inspired to do. Journal follows the Come, Follow Me reading schedule and is available in 2 color choices.

doctrine and covenants study journal for children come follow me 2021


Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Stories

Trying to keep your toddlers and primary children feeling engaged with their scripture reading? This cute Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Stories book from Time Savors is an amazing way to keep them learning and excited. With super adorable graphics, this complete kit includes 4 different sets that offer Church History stories, quizzes, activities, and games. Time Savors also has some adorable word searches, coloring books and sketch books that will make a fun and engaging addition to your family scripture study.

doctrine and covenants activities for children

Latter-day Kids Videos

Are your kids crazy about videos? Today’s kids love learning through technology. Latter Day Kids creates the cutest videos on their YouTube channel with weekly Come, Follow Me videos. They also have complete lesson plans to go along with each week’s lesson so you have a base for discussing the principles taught in the videos.

doctrine and covenants videos for kids

For The Little Ones

Kindred Kids Cards

Keeping the littles excited about scripture learning can be a challenge, right? Give them these cute Kindred Kids Cards and they will be begging for the lesson each week. These sturdy cards are bright and colorful and are perfect for little hands.  Each card includes a scripture that goes along with the week’s lesson. And my favorite part? They have a challenge so that children can act on the principles they are learning. Kindred Kids also has a gorgeous Instagram account where they offer amazing weekly lessons to go along with the cards. (And to make life a little easier for you!)

kindred kids doctrine and covenants cards


Norman the Latter-day Saint

Need something to keep the little ones occupied while YOU take some time to study? Let Norman the Latter-day Saint help you out! Norman is the cutest little mouse with some amazing big adventures. The Norman Book Series books are such a cute way to teach some of the principles we’ll be learning about this year – baptism, the sacrament, the Holy Ghost, choosing the right, and so much more. Norman also shares the cutest Come, Follow Me coloring pages for kids to color. The kids can read and color while you study. Then you can use the books as a special bedtime tradition as well.

norman the latter day saint books
teach your family doctrine and covenants 2021 come follow me

I hope you find some ideas that will help you get excited about and ready for studying the Doctrine and Covenants this coming year! 

Here’s some more helps for studying Doctrine and Covenants in 2021

joseph smith workbook
free printable bookmark
come follow me doctrine and covenants study guide
come follow me study guide and journal

Get a FREE printable of The Family: A Proclamation to the World

two color options and multiple size options available

 square for 8×8 or 12×12, or in traditional for printing 8×10, 11×14 or 16×20

free printable family proclamation
proclamation on the family printable free
Light the World Christmas Service Chain

Light the World Christmas Service Chain

Light The World

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the service opportunities that come with the season. I believe that service helps us focus on and remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas. Of course, we can – and should! – serve all year long. But the magic of Christmastime brings extra opportunities to serve. I fondly remember a myriad of Christmas service projects we did growing up, and I strive to create similar opportunities and memories for my family.

light the world christmas service activity
Many years ago at our church Christmas dinner, we made acts of service Christmas countdown chains.

Like a traditional count down chain, we stapled strips of paper together and then each day as Christmas came closer we removed one of the strips and counted the days down.

However, instead of regular strips of paper, each link included an act or idea for service to do that day. This made it so that, as we counted down the days until Christmas, we were also focusing on serving and being more like Christ.

light the world activity chain
I loved the idea so much we repeated it the next year. And the next. It quickly become one of our families Christmas traditions, and we have continued to do it almost every year since then.

This year, with the “One by One” theme of the Light the World program, I thought it would be the perfect time to update our countdown chain! The links include suggestions for service to correspond with the Light the World theme for the day.

light the world 2020 christmas activity

To make your chain:

  • Print out the strips on colored paper. I love using cute patterned paper, but plain Christmas colors will work as well. The numbers on the strips alternate, so if you print out each page in a different color / pattern, you will end up with a mixed chain (not all the same color / paper next to each other.)
  • Cut the strips on the lines provided.
  • Print out the star chain topper. You can print this on a colored paper, or print it black and white and have the family decorate it. Use crayons or markers or take it to another level with paint and glitter.
  • Use the blank strip (with no words on it) and form a loop and attach the long part to the star.
  • Because these strips are dated, you’ll want to be sure you staple them in the proper order so they correspond with the day’s service theme. Starting with number 25, attach each chain in descending order.
  • Each day, remove the chain and do the act of service!
light the world 2020 christmas activity

Wishing you a Christmas filled with joy as you light the world – and share His light – each day!

Get a FREE Proclamation of the Family printable: 

family proclamation free printable
Come, Follow Me (plus Children & Youth) Bulletin Board

Come, Follow Me (plus Children & Youth) Bulletin Board

Are you ready for some deep studying of the Doctrine and Covenants? I am so excited for Come, Follow Me this year. I love the revelations found in the Doctrine and Covenants and am thrilled to have the opportunity to study them in more depth – both personally and with my family.

A couple of years ago, when we first started the Come, Follow Me program, I wanted a place to display all our weekly assignments and encourage my family in our studies. I created a fun bulletin board for us to do this and I love having a display of what we’re studying.

But honestly – it was hard to keep up with. Though the design was cute, it required changing out several things each week and month.

come follow me bulletin board
Last year, I decided I wanted to simplify and also add a place where we could keep track of our goals with the new Children and Youth program. This new board requires a lot less maintenance. I can print everything at the beginning of the year and then simply swap out the reading assignment each week.

The pictures can be changed weekly or monthly and our goals get updated as we finish and set new ones. And the best thing – I’ve done all the work for you! You can find the outline and weekly reading assignments in my shop.

children and youth strive to be bulletin board

Make Your Own Bulletin Board

For Come, Follow Me AND Children & Youth

Here are the details on how I made my board and some suggestions to help you make your own. To start out, you will need some type of display board.

  • A bulletin board (My board measures about 20×24 inches, but you can adjust your pieces to fit something larger or smaller.) 
  • A magnet board. Prefer not to worry about stepping to tacks? Use a magnet board instead!
  • A space on your wall. Don’t want to put up a board? Simply section off an area of your wall and use it as your Come, Follow Me area. Stick up some scrapbook paper or butcher paper to section off the area, then add your fun elements.

You can turn your board either way (horizontal or vertical) and adjust the pieces on it however you would like.

come follow me doctrine and covenants bulletin board

Choosing Your Elements

Next, you will want to decide what elements you would like to use. Most of the pieces on this board will just stay for the whole year. No taking down and putting up new things every month! I really wanted to simplify it and keep it manageable.

I created several options that you could use on your board, depending on what will work well for your family. The great thing is that you can use these printables to make this just right for YOUR family.

Here’s a list of the options included and some ideas on how they can be used:

  • “Come, Follow Me” Title Strip – We put ours along the top of the board as a header


  • Doctrine and Covenants This Week” – This is one of the 2 sections that will / can change weekly. Each week, you can put the reading assignment card here. Easy peasy tip? Stack the whole month’s reading assignments with the current one first, and the rest of the weeks behind it. Pin them up and when the week is over, simply remove that weeks and the next week is ready to go!


  • Doctrine and Covenants Photo – I included a space to add a photo to give some visual appeal to the board. The Come, Follow Me manual includes a variety of beautiful photos. I purchased an extra one to use just for the photos. You can tear out the pages and display the one of your choice.
  • The photos can be changed out each week or you can choose one to leave for longer. Leave it up all month or just until you’re ready for a change.
  • If you have young children, another fun option here would be to display a completed coloring page.  Have everyone take turns putting up their pictures each week!
children and youth bulletin board for families
  • “GO & DO Weekly Challenge” – I like to have a weekly challenge for our family to do together. It’s simply something that we are working on improving this week. It often relates to the lesson from the week. I added a clip so we can write out the challenge and clip it on each week. This will help us remember the challenge so we can take action on what we’re learning. No clip? Simply tack it up with a push pin or use a sticky note that is easy to remove.


  • “Scripture of the Week” – If your family likes to memorize a few verses each week, display them on your board as a reminder.
family bulletin board for doctrine and covenants


  • “Praying For” – This section gives you a little place where you can keep a prayer list of people or things your family would like to remember to pray for. I have loved seeing my kids see someone in need and add their name to our Praying For section. I simply cut small strips of paper to use for writing the names on.
come follow me doctrine and covenants bulletin board for families
  • “Articles of Faith” – Choose an Article of Faith to focus on each month and simply replace this as you’ve memorized and moved on. This is perfect this year as we study Doctrine and Covenants. You can find Articles of Faith printables here.


  • “Conference Talk” – This is a great place to post a General Conference talk for your family to read / study each week.


  • “Family Goals” Children and Youth section – I made three different tags for this area so you can choose the name that you like (Family Goals, Children and Youth, #strivetobe) My kids chose the “family goals” tag, since that is what we call ours. We then write out our goals for each of the categories and post them up.
  • You can use this for family goals, or you can have a slip of paper with each person’s goals listed. This will always help you know what each of your children are working on. Be flexible and do what works best for your family. Again, I used clips to clip on the goals, but sticky notes or a paper simply pinned up would work great here as well.
children and youth bulletin board for families
Every family is different! And that’s the beauty of these programs. Come, Follow Me and Children and Youth are both designed for us to use to meet our own family’s needs. The options provided are perfect for this – mix and match them to create a board that is just right for YOUR family.

Ready to make your own? You can get all the parts ready to print in the shop. 

children and youth cart with come follow me bulletin board
come follow me bulletin board for families, children and youth program

May you find joy this year as you study the Doctrine and Covenants and help your family grow with the Children and Youth program.

Here’s some more helps for studying Doctrine and Covenants in 2021

come follow me doctrine and covenants study guide
free printable bookmark
joseph smith workbook
come follow me study guide and journal

Get a FREE printable of The Family: A Proclamation to the World

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 square for 8×8 or 12×12, or in traditional for printing 8×10, 11×14 or 16×20

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proclamation on the family printable free
Choose to be Grateful – Thanksgiving Gratitude List

Choose to be Grateful – Thanksgiving Gratitude List

With all that is going on in the world right now, I am feeling an increased need to focus on the good.

And some days it takes a bit of work to find it. I have been constantly reminding myself that gratitude and joy are a CHOICE I get to make. Each and every day.

In an April 2014 talk, President Utchdorf asks us, “Have we not reason to be filled with gratitude, regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves?”

No matter the circumstances we find ourselves in – we can always find a reason to be grateful.

Sometimes we may have to search deep inside, but with some effort, we can always find those blessings. 

We can always CHOOSE to be grateful.

choose to be grateful thanksgiving printable

Recording Gratitude

Practicing gratitude requires recognizing our blessings. These little “choose to be grateful” strips make a cute way to record those blessings!

These are great for any time you’re wanting to ponder on the blessings you have, but are especially perfect for Thanksgiving.

The cute little cards are just the size to put at each Thanksgiving place setting. Your family members can each take a few minutes to record the things they’re grateful for. Then, display them in a place everyone can see. Or go around the table and have everyone take turns sharing a few of the things they’re grateful for – and why.

choose to be grateful thanksgiving list
choose to be grateful thanksgiving list

May there be lots of gratitude and smiles around your Thanksgiving table this year. 

You may like these other Thanksgiving printables:

thankful grateful blessed mini note card printable
free thanksgiving printable
gratitude turns what we have into enough printable cards
Doctrine and Covenants Come, Follow Me 2021

Doctrine and Covenants Come, Follow Me 2021

I’m so excited to be studying the Doctrine and Covenants this coming year!

I used to feel like the words in D&C were written for other people. They didn’t feel personal to me. Section 18 is a revelation to Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer. Section 25 is written to Emma, and section 37 includes words to Sidney Rigdon.

I used to struggle to apply sections like this to myself.

After all, they specifically state who they were written for.

god's promises to covenant israel

Over the past few years, though, as I’ve focused more on personal revelation, I’ve been led again and again to sections of D&C. I have learned to deeply love the words of these revelations.

And I have come to understand that I can apply any of these situations and revelations to myself.

But, even more importantly, something I have learned from these verses is how much our Heavenly Father knows each of us – individually.

If He knew Emma and her needs, He surely knows ME and MY needs.

And just as He wanted Emma to know His will for her, He wants the same for me.

Though His revelations to me will never be published and shared with millions of other people, I CAN receive those revelations. For myself.

study guide and journal for come follow me doctrine and covenants
god's promises to covenant israel

So Much More He Wants Us to Know

President Nelson stated “Oh, there is so much more that your Father in Heaven wants you to know.”

And I truly believe we can learn that through our Come, Follow Me studies.

But applying the doctrine to our own personal lives can be hard.

That’s why I created this Doctrine and Covenants journal and study guide!

god's promises to covenant israel

I want to help YOU with your study of Doctrine and Covenants.

I want to help YOU learn what your Father in Heaven wants you to know.

I want you to be able to not only learn these principles, but to consistently apply them.

Each and every week.

come follow me study guide for doctrine and covenants 2021
god's promises to covenant israel

This workbook / journal has a 2-page layout for each week of the year. It provides plenty of space for you to record your thoughts and spiritual impressions on the readings from that week.

And my favorite part? The goal setting section each week – and the accountability follow up section the following week. These sections help me to keep on track with applying and acting on the things that I learn each week.

Because life gets busy and sometimes we learn – but we don’t ACT.

But the action is where we grow.

Where we progress.

Where we become more like our Savior – bit by bit.

come follow me 2021 Doctrine and Covenants journals, family pack

I am totally indecisive and I LOVE to design, so I created lots of journal options this year!

Choose your favorite, or grab the family packThis pack has 6 customer favorites all in one download. Purchase once, print and you’re ready to go!

May you find joy in the revelations you discover in your Come, Follow Me studies this year. 

come follow me doctrine and covenants study guide
come follow me doctrine and covenants journal 2021
come follow me 2021 doctrine and covenants journal
come follow me study guide and journal

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two color options and multiple size options available

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proclamation on the family printable free
God’s Promises to Covenant Israel Printable

God’s Promises to Covenant Israel Printable

I loved this General Conference weekend of inspired messages. Each message lifted me. And each one encouraged me to continue to strive to reach my divine potential. I always love looking for the challenges that President Nelson issues us. And of course, I wasn’t disappointed!

President Nelson’s Challenge

In the Sunday morning session, in his talk, Let God Prevail, President Nelson gave us a challenge for the next six months.

“As you study your scriptures during the next six months, I encourage you to make a list of all that the Lord has promised He will do for covenant Israel. … Ponder these promises. Talk about them with your family and friends. Then live and watch for these promises to be fulfilled in your own life.”

god's promises to covenant israel

I’m so excited about this challenge. I can’t wait to discover these promises in my scripture studies in the coming months. And since I love a pretty printable, I just had to create something to keep my list of covenant promises on.

This printable has spaces for everything you need to fulfill this challenge!

  • Scripture Reference – write down the scripture where you find the promise.
  • Promise – write down the promise that God makes.
  • Ponder – write down your thoughts and you ponder this promise yourself and as you share it with your family and friends.
  • and lastly,
  • Watch for this Promise to be Fulfilled in my Own Life – write down where you see this promise in your own life. Maybe you won’t see these right away, so come back and fill it in later if you recognize its fulfillment at a later time.
gods promises to covenant israel
free printable list of god's promises to covenant israel

I created 2 options for you to choose from. Choose your favorite and then print them out and share them – with your family, ministering sisters, and friends. Each has 2 pages – when you’ve filled those up, simply print out more of the second page!

List of God’s Promises to Israel – Orange

List of God’s Promises to Israel – Floral

I am always amazed at the changes I see in my life and in the lives of those around me when I make the decision to accept a challenge the Prophet gives. I’m excited to put this challenge to the test as I list out these promises and as I let God prevail in my life a little more each day.

May you find blessings these next six months as you let God prevail a little more in YOUR life each day. And as you discover, ponder, and create your own list of God’s promises to covenant Israel, may you find joy in these promises. 

p.s. This talk was all about letting God prevail in our lives. If you loved the quote as much as I do, check out this beautiful printable in my shop. It’s a great way to remind you – and all your family – to let God prevail in your life.

let god prevail printable

Get a FREE printable of The Family: A Proclamation to the World

two color options and multiple size options available

 square for 8×8 or 12×12, or in traditional for printing 8×10, 11×14 or 16×20

free printable family proclamation
proclamation on the family printable free

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