What a beautiful Conference this past weekend! I don’t think I’ve ever “seen” Jesus Christ in a Conference as much as I did this time. It was beautiful and uplifting! 

 Keeping General Conference in Our Hearts

After General Conference weekend is over, I always feel a little bit of a let down. I’m so excited and looking forward to the inspiration I know I will receive and then, all to quickly, it’s over! 

But I love knowing that I can go back and study these words again and again. I’m glad to know that as I study I can put the invitations issued into action and APPLY the principles shared to my own life. 

Elder Uchtdorf once said, “The words spoken at general conference should be a compass that points the way for us during the coming months.”

The 2 days we have when General Conference is broadcast are just the beginning! The words we heard last weekend can be a compass to lead us and give us spiritual momentum in the coming months.

“The greatest blessings of general conference come to us after the conference is over. Remember the pattern recorded frequently in scripture: We gather to hear the words of the Lord and then we return home to live them.”

-Robert D. Hales

 One of my favorite things each Conference is to create some little printables of some of my favorite quotes! I love that these little reminders help me keep Conference close to my heart and they’re also fun to share!  I love to share them with my family, my ministering sisters, and others! 

I want to help others – and you – to keep these messages in your heart. Because these messages are best when we apply them to all areas of our lives.

Here are some other fun ways to use these free printable General Conference quotes:

  • Deliver them to your ministering sisters. (I bet they’d love if you add some cookies or a little treat, too.) *wink
  • Put them into a lunchbox
  • Stick them in a backpack pocket
  • Print out some extras for your kids to share with their friends
  • Pin one up on the fridge (then replace it each week with a new one!)
  • Put them in your teenager’s or spouse’s car
  • Stick one on a mirror to be a daily reminder
  • Print some extras for your kids to pass around to their friends! They can stick them in lockers, backpacks, or desks
  • Pull one out each week at FHE and discuss what it means to you and how it applies to us
  • Leave them on your children’s pillows to be found at the end of the day
  • Switch them out from time to time so that the messages of Conference truly last for the next 6 months
May the following months be full of inspiration and enlightenment as you study the heaven sent words of Conference.
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President Nelson said, “I pray that you will seek for the Holy Ghost to guide you in your study as you contemplate the truths taught from this pulpit. They have truly been heaven sent.”

Here are some other resources to help you study General Conference!

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