Last summer I came up with this post – 100 Summer Activities to do from Home. Little did I know when I wrote it last summer that it would come in so handy THIS summer! 

If you’re sticking around home and not going out much, here’s some great ideas to keep you busy AND having fun together. Almost all of these activities use things you already have at home and cost little to nothing to do. 

As moms, it’s easy to sometimes we think we need grand adventures and expensive outings to make our children happy. The truth though, is that making memories doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate! We can easily add little drops of joy each and every day in the little things we do. As long as the phones are off and our focus is on each other, simple activities can bond and create memories just as well as an expensive outing or vacation. And the positive thing is – they tend to be less stressful – on us as parents, on our children, and on the bank account.

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I’ve compiled a list of 100 fun, inexpensive and stress-free activities to do together this summer … all from the comfort of your own home or backyard. Most of these activities are free! You may need to pull together a few supplies. but get creative with what you already have on hand. As long as your whole focus is on each other and the quality of the time together, the activities are bound to be ones that the family will remember for years to come. Some of them might just bring back childhood memories of your own and give you the opportunity to share them with the next generation.

Simply print out this printable and start having some summer fun today!

100 Summer Activities To Do At Home

Here are 100 fun (mostly) no-cost ways to spend time at home this summer – making fun memories together!

  1. Build a blanket fort to read in
  2. Play a card game
  3. Pretend to be spies, pirates or princesses
  4. Bake cookies to take to someone
  5. Do a puzzle
  6. Have a water balloon fight
  7. Fly a kite
  8. Have a cousins sleepover
  9. Pack a picnic and walk or bike to the local park
  10. Have a paint-night party
  11. Sleep under the stars and do some stargazing
  12. Create a “drive in movie” theater
  13. Make home-made pizza
  14. Start a funny journal of memories
  15. Have a pots and pans band
  16. Write and produce a summer play
  17. Make up your own I-Spy riddles
  18. Create your own board game
  19. Have an ice cream sundae party
  20. Interview your oldest family member
  21. Learn a few words in a different language or sign language
  22. Make a puzzle
  23. Make passports and “adventure” around the world
  24. Read in a hammock or swing
  25. Create a treasure hunt
  26. Build something creative with Legos or blocks
  27. Draw cards for someone far away
  28. Host a teddy bear picnic
  29. Make home-made ice cream
  30. Pretend to be dinosaurs
  31. Have a cookie decorating contest
  32. Go on a scavenger hunt
  33. Learn to draw something new
  34. Paint a t shirt
  35. Plan a video game tournament
  36. Make homemade popsicles
  37. Invite friends for a game night
  38. Create a card game
  39. Have a fitness day, learning new ways to exercise
  40. Make a scrapbook of old photos
  41. Watch Mom or Dad’s favorite childhood movie
  42. Have a silly poetry contest
  43. Find a free class online to take
  44. Have a “no talking” contest
  45. Play frisbee
  46. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  47. Go on a photo scavenger hunt
  48. Read books to each other, pretending to be your favorite superheroes or princesses
  49. Take your favorite board game outside and play it picnic style
  50. Climb a tree
  51. Make cookies to take to a friend or someone in need
  52. Build a fort or playhouse out of an old box
  53. Learn something about your grandparents or great grandparents
  54. De-clutter the playroom and find someone who can use the toys
  55. Try a new recipe together for dinner
  56. Eat dinner outside
  57. Make your own You-tube video about something fun
  58. Host a talent show
  59. Make up and share funny jokes
  60. Create things with homemade playdough
  61. Make a bird feeder
  62. Have a dance party
  63. Find a pen pal to write to (paper and pen required!)
  64. Write your own comic strip
  65. Make something origami
  66. Chase butterflies
  67. Have or host a mystery dinner
  68. Make a backyard slip and slide
  69. Do a popsicle craft
  70. Camp out in the back yard
  71. Try a new recipe
  72. Make slime
  73. Play water balloon baseball
  74. Write a short story or make a picture book
  75. Draw pictures and have a coloring contest
  76. Perform random acts of kindness in your neighborhood
  77. Create a family flag, motto, and/or song
  78. Have a lemonade stand
  79. Walk around your neighborhood and play I Spy
  80. Build an outdoor obstacle course and have races
  81. Have a tech-free day
  82. Interview family members to learn more about them
  83. Paint with watercolors
  84. Jump rope
  85. Play stuffed animal bowling
  86. Make home-made bubbles
  87. Host a summer cookie exchange
  88. Have a fondue night
  89. Have a paper airplane competition
  90. Conduct a science experiment
  91. Play charades
  92. Wash the car
  93. Teach each other a new skill
  94. Have an all day PJ day
  95. Play Hide and Seek
  96. Cook something from another country
  97. Find objects in the clouds
  98. Play 4-square or hopscotch
  99. Create something using only things in the recycling box
  100. Have a bike race


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